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Realities by David Howard


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David Howard releases his most recent book entitled: “Realities Final Revised Vision Version III with conversations; Keith Haring, Christo, Nam June Paik, Ansel Adams, Arron Siskind, Ralph Gibson, Jerry Uelsmann, Robert Heineken,” is available on Amazon.com Photographs and paintings from 1968 – 2018.

Reviews in both; The New York Village Voice and The San Francisco Chronicle, describe David Howard as being an “experimental photographer of amazing ability!”

He is published in more than 22 books and 37 periodicals. His exhibitions include 24 one-man shows and 44 group shows in seven countries.

David’s experimental films and video documentaries have also won recognition at libraries and museums throughout the world.

Howard’s work is in numerous museum collections including
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, in New York, and Chicago’s Field Museum.

David is featured in 6 different editions of Who’s Who including “Who’s Who in America” and “Who’s Who in Art.”

In 1969 he attended “Woodstock” where he photographed Jimi Hendrix, Jefferson Airplane, Santana, Janis Joplin, The Grateful Dead, Joe Cocker, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, Ravi Shankar and Johnny Winter.

In 1970, David participated in, and documented, student protest demonstrations against the war in Vietnam, during the Kent State University uprising, in Ohio.

Howard received a Master of Fine Arts degree in photography from the San Francisco Art Institute in 1974.

Later, in the 70’s, after exhibiting with Ansel Adams, Minor White, Ernst Haas, Nathan Lyons, Duane Michals, Mark Rothko. Richard Diebenkorn, Clifford Still, and Bruce Nauman, David collaborated with Arron Siskind, Ralph Gibson, Jerry Uelsmann, Ansel Adams and Robert Heinecken.

In the mid 80’s David produced the documentary television series “Art Seen,” creating more than 120 programs, he brought viewers inside the world of artist’s studios while they created and discussed their artwork. “Art Seen” was broadcast on P.B.S. and televised in 17 cities, including New York, Los Angles and San Francisco. “Art Seen” featured Christo, Keith Haring, Kenny Scharf, Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Nam June Paik. The first episode, “New York’s East Village Art Scene,” premiered at the Whitney Museum in 1985.

During the early 90’s Howard embarked upon decades of international travel throughout Southeast Asia, Burma, Thailand, Laos, Korea, Indonesia, India, Nepal, The Philippines, Vietnam and Japan. While working with “Black Star” photography agency in New York, David documented the president of the United States, Bill Clinton, and 16 other heads of state, at the “Asian Pacific Economic Conference,” in Manila. He then traveled to remote primitive villages, in Northern Philippines, where he documented the vanishing life style of native head hunting tribes.

In the late 90’s David documented “The Russian River Jazz Festival,” in Northern California, photographing Herbie Hancock and Wayne Shorter, and the opening of the 42nd “San Francisco International Film Festival.”

By 2001 the first of 3 books, authored by David, concerning tribes; “The Last Filipino Head Hunters,” was published, “Sacred Journey: The Ganges to the Himalayas,” followed in 2004, published by “Taschen,” in four languages: English, German, French, and Spanish. The last of that trilogy, “Ten Southeast Asian Tribes from Five Countries,” was released in 2008.

In 2014 Howard’s photography, and tribal art, were featured on the cover of “Smithsonian Magazine,” accompanying excerpts from the book entitled: “Savage Harvest,” that concerns the loss of Michael Rockefeller to Indonesian cannibal tribes.

Howard is a long distance swimmer, he swam the complete span, under The Golden Gate Bridge, from San Francisco to Marin County twice, once in 1985 and again in 1986.

David lives in San Francisco, with his wife Fawn, and their three children, Tyler, Jack, and San.

“Realities Final Revised Vision Version III with conversations; Keith Haring, Christo, Nam June Paik, Ansel Adams, Arron Siskind, Ralph Gibson, Jerry Uelsmann, and Robert Heineken,” is divided into 7 sections. 3 of those sections are devoted to the 8 conversations with Keith Haring, Christo, Nam June Paik, Ansel Adams, Arron Siskind, Ralph Gibson, Jerry Uelsmann, and Robert Heineken. 3 sections are pictures; the first of which is 13 pages that has 10 pictures on each page. The seconds section of pictures is a “narrative;” a visual series of 108 images on 54 pages. The final section of pictures are 30 images; printed full page. The last, section of 4 pages, is devoted to the history of the pictures in the book.

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