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Photobooks International / Hello, I am not from here by Peter Hauser
hello, I am not from here_cover
Hello, I am not from here by Peter Hauser


Peter Hauser, born 1981 in Switzerland, graduated 2010 from the Zurich School of the Arts with a bachelor degree in art/photography. He is currently living in Zurich, Switzerland

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The first book release by young Swiss photographer Peter Hauser shows his straightforward, analog black and white pictures of nature and urban landscapes that yield a distinctive observation of perceptual phenomena: rectangles float; shadows fall into hard-edge shapes; surfaces reveal patterns and unlikely grids.

Photographer Edward Weston, who photographed patterns and structures in nature, drew a distinction between making pictures to learn about the world and those that impose a vision upon it. It was his intention to make pictures, he once said, not as “an interpretation, a biased opinion of what nature should be, but a revelation — an absolute, impersonal recognition of the significance of facts.”. Peter Hauser’s work is subscribing to this mantra. A study in elementary geometry, underscored by the pure black, white and grayness of the photographic print, “HELLO, I AM NOT FROM HERE” reveals a keen sense of trying to understand our environment by the means of recording it in a palette of greyscales.

In the words of the artist: “HELLO, I AM NOT FROM HERE” is an investigation into environments, a visual exploration of the unknown, the unnoticed, an attempt, a description, a search for typologies in architecture, geology, vegetation. All photographs were shot on monochrome negatives between 2012 and 2015 in the south of France, USA, Sardinia, Zürich and Denmark.

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Peter Hauser


Sturm & Drang


Hello, I am not from here

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9.72 x 12.55

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1st Edition


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